What is an EUR1 certificate?

What is an EUR1 certificate? If you're considering exporting or importing from/to the UK with a country that has a trade agreement with the EU, you need to know about the EUR1. The EUR1 is a movement certificate (a certificate of origin) that you need to claim a preferential rate of duty (usually zero) [...]

Why We Ask You For An EORI Number

Why We Ask You For An EORI Number When you book a freight forwarder to take care of shipping your goods, one of the pieces of information you'll be asked for is an EORI number. Let's take a look at what it is, how to get one, and why it's so essential: What is [...]

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7 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Beverage Logistics Partner

Whether you want to ship beverages to a buyer or import them for use in your own business, choosing the right company to deal with shipping and the related logistics is essential. Here are seven questions to ask any potential partner, before you trust them with a cargo that requires extra-careful handling and full [...]