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Less than Truckload (LTL)

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Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL) is a European road freight service that combines shipments from multiple customers and transports them together by sharing a truckload. Ideal for small businesses that don’t have enough product to fill a truck on their own, LTL allows several companies to share the transportation costs by only paying for the space their product requires.

Our industry experts will use their knowledge to create cost-effective road freight solutions based on your exact requirements to:

  • Find the right balance of service and price for all your LTL shipments

  • Provide a delivery schedule with exact transit times

  • Organise packaging, logistics, transportation and warehousing to ensure your shipments arrive at their destination on time.

Less than Truckload (LTL) Road Freight throughout Europe and Turkey

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Less than Truckload (LTL) Road Freight - Fast Transit Times

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Less than Truckload (LTL) Road Freight - Imports & Exports

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Sea Freight - Importing from Turkey


Sea Freight - Importing from Turkey


Sea Freight - Importing from Turkey


Sea Freight - Importing from Turkey


Sea Freight
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As a first time importer from the Far East, the process can be quite daunting. John Good has provided exceptional service and support right through the process. I would highly recommend John Good Logistics to any other business looking to source product direct from factories around the world.

Thank you for your help and participation… and the level of involvement and assistance… the professionalism of the team at John Good Logistics has been displayed at each opportunity presented.

I just really want to comment on John Good Logistics as a company. I got in touch with them when I was at the bottom to the learning curve for importing and they were – and still are – very supportive. Thank you!

We began using John Good Logistics in October 2000 and have since passed two customs audits without any problems. The staff are dedicated in helping us achieve an efficient process.

For many years John Good Logistics has provided port agency services to Hamburg Sud in the UK. In light of this close cooperation, we at Hamburg Sud UK are pleased to commend the services of John Good Logistics and to wish the company continued success.

We are very fortunate in having the support, professionalism, commitment and quality of service that John Good Logistics has provided us over all these years. We would strongly recommend them to support your business needs as an Agent in the Port of Felixstowe.

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