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Importing & Exporting to/from Turkey

With a growing number of UK imports from Turkey, the region represents big business. With a number of offices in the UK – serving all major ports – and two overseas offices in Izmir and Istanbul, John Good Shipping can help you reduce the cost of importing from Turkey.

We offer weekly consolidation services from Istanbul and Izmir, with the distinct advantage of being the only UK Company currently offering a direct LCL service…Find out more

Importing & Exporting to/from China and South East Asia

With a huge percentage of the world’s production coming from the Far East, and more specifically China, it is important that you use a trusted and knowledgeable logistics partner.

Importing from China and the Far East can be a minefield. This is where John Good Shipping can help. With a dedicated Trade Manager, focusing specifically on imports from China and the Far East, and a team of staff based in Shanghai, we can meet all your supply chain requirements. We offer a range of innovative and cost effective solutions for both FCL and LCL shipments with complete visibility throughout the process as a result of our leading…Find out more.

Importing & Exporting to/from India

India is one of the leading and fastest growing economies in the world. With increased manufacturing and more products being sourced from the country, India has established itself as one of the leading exporters in the world – particularly to the UK.

UK imports from India include textiles, foodstuffs, automotive parts, road vehicles and pharmaceutical products and with bilateral trade in goods and services grow to a total of £16.5bn in 2015…Find out more.


Importing & Exporting to/from Mexico

With a GDP of 1.258 billion dollars, Mexico is now a major competitor, as an exporter, against fellow South American counterpart Brazil. With its ideal positioning between North and Latin America, Mexico bridges the gap between two of the world’s largest continents.

Mexico is renowned for exporting all kinds of goods including: vehicles, electronic equipment, machines (engines and pumps), oil, medical and technical equipment and furniture. As an emerging…Find out more.